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Mission Statement:

Mission Bay Chevrolet is dedicated to SOLVING the transportation needs of people by providing the highest level of personal service to each and every client. Our unique people-oriented sales philosophy separates us from other sales organizations because our primary commitment is "to be a dealership FOR the people, by solving their transportation needs."

It's not about selling cars; it's about taking care of people.

Our mission and our monthly goals are accomplished by maintaining and retaining a professional, well trained staff who are dedicated to working as a team, and most importantly, who believe in, and are committed to the basic Company philosophy. This commitment is not limited to the workplace, but must be the basic philosophy that guides our entire life.

We succeed together as a team... not as individuals.

No limit is placed upon the opportunities provided to our employees. However, to achieve our personal and business goals, we must be willing to make the personal commitment to expand our abilities and knowledge each day. Our Company's success is dependent upon the success of our employees.

It's all about people. Our success or failure is up to us.

Working together, we can accomplish our goals, and complete our mission. At Mission Bay Chevrolet it's about being FOR the people that makes all the difference.

Almost 70 years.

For almost 70 years, we have been listening to our customers and continue to change the way we do business in a positive manner. Our people make a difference with a staff that is trained to be customer oriented.

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